"Proud of Me" Music Video

Filmed & directed by Matthew VanGronigen. Produced by Glenn Eck & William Scott. Edited by Nic Kaiser.

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About the Band:

Farraday is a female led pop-punk band out of Chicago, IL started by six friends with one goal in mind: to make great music. The band has a deeply rooted DIY work ethic and utilizes their talents to handle all their own merch, print, web design, video production, and booking.

With a self released full length album "Where I Belong" &  EP "The Fear of Missing Out", and other singles released under Pittsburgh indie label Modern Short Stories, this hard working, energetic, sextet is bringing their love of pop punk to every corner of Chicago and beyond.

Farraday is:

Aubyn Beth - Vocals
Glenn Eck - Lead Guitar
Danny Casady - Keys
Nic Kaiser - Guitar & Vocals
Will Scott - Drums
Chris Magiet - Bass

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